Founded on our rich experience managing utility-scale energy portfolios and developing machine-learning commercial tools, Bitwatt Systems develops software that enables the owners of large energy portfolios to visualize their complete market risk and create a globally optimal hedging strategy.  From our own experience and our ongoing market surveys we have seen a gap in most energy-intense companies' IT landscape.  They don't have the user-friendly tools needed to coordinate market activity across large and diverse portfolios, to simplify the modelling of flexibility, or to allow top managers to lead the strategy discussions. We provide portfolio comprehension with data visualization, and we empower individuals to do more with optimizers and Ai assistants.
Current Portfolio Model is Adequately Usable/Actionable
Traders using Excel as their primary portfolio optimization tool [promotes poor collaboration, simplistic data modelling, and re-inventing the wheel for every problem]
Trading, Finance, and Risk directors who want better portfolio oversight

Introducing... Bitwatt PRO

Bitwatt PRO
With the Bitwatt PRO cloud-based portfolio management system, take advantage of these truly unique features:
Easy Portfolio Builder
Drag and drop pre-coded assets into your portfolio.  They automatically link to forward prices and create cash-flow forecasts.
Target Setting
Set top-level financial goals for your next fiscal years and see how the global hedging strategy adjusts for every asset and every hedging team.
Hedging Advice
Ai advisors focus 24/7 on achieving your targets, instantly responding to changing market situations.

Because it's Time for Digitalization

Plus, Advisory Services

Now offering expert consulting to complement our software offering.

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