Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to the most common questions about BitWatt Systems.

What does BitWatt do?

Our main activity is assisting retail (B2C) energy suppliers with Pricing as a Service.  Our main offering is called OptiMax – an advanced calculation pipeline that helps you acquire more better cheaper energy customers.

In addition, we have several other optimization services in the prototype stage to add still more euros to the customer lifetime value.

What Retail markets are you active in?

We currently have customers in the German power and gas retail markets.  We are preparing for our first footprint in nearby European countries.

Is BitWatt a consultancy or a software company?

Our main business is delivering advanced daily strategy optimization to our customers in the energy sector.  This is delivered via a SaaS framework wrapped in expert service.

We also participate in limited consulting engagements that include data science, data structuring, competitor landscape analysis and business review.  Importantly, we will not push a solution to you unless (i) we feel like we have understood your needs and lived in your shoes, and (ii) it is a value-adding fit to your business.

Are BitWatt’s customers energy producers, suppliers, or industrial consumers?

At the current time, our main business focus is retail (B2C) energy suppliers.   However, we have professional experience with producers and have had limited consulting engagements with all sides of this triangle.

Why does BitWatt host cloud-based services for its customers?

Our core business model is delivering Software as a Service.  By keeping our business logic in a central repository we can have better version control and can make repairs and enhancements quickly.  This efficiency is passed onto our customers via better response times for requests and lower costs.

Many prospective customers have had negative experiences with expanding budgets and, especially, timelines for in-house development projects.  We develop, deploy, host, and support solutions as a service to our clients.  Every bug-fix, feature request, and pipeline upgrade is managed on-time within our own budget.