Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to the most common questions about BitWatt Systems.

Is BitWatt a consultancy or a technology company?

Our main business is licensing cloud-based calculation engines to our customers in the energy sector.  However, since no two companies have the same needs for risk modelling and hedging automation, we have found that the best business solutions can be found after a one- or two-month portfolio review with our client.  Thus, the best solution may be a two-month consulting project followed by a proof-of-concept of a customized calculation engine for your commodity business.

Are BitWatt’s customers energy producers, suppliers, or industrial consumers?

We develop and deploy portfolio management solutions for all three types of players in the energy sector.

Why does BitWatt host cloud-based services for its customers?

By keeping our business logic in a central repository we can have better version control and can make repairs and enhancements quickly.  Plus, many prospective customers have had negative experiences with ballooning budgets for in-house development projects.  We develop, deploy, host, and support solutions as a service to our clients.